Thursday, October 27, 2016

How To: Move a vCenter Database (SQL Server)

I recently had to move my VMware vCenter database from a SQL Server running on one machine to another. I performed all the tasks of moving the SQL DB from server 1 to server 2, following all the SQL best practices documented on technet and other places but missed a minor caveat mentioned on VMware KBs.

Once my new SQL server was up and running I imported the DB files to create a new database and updated the ODBC Data Sources. Now as I decide to start my VMware Inventory Service, it refuses to start.

On further investigation I find that I had to perform some of the steps mentioned in this VMware KB article to successfully relocate the SQL database that is used by VMware vCenter.

This article explains that you have to update the file (on the vCenter server) to to point to the new SQL server.
Without this step you will not be able to start the vCenter services.
Lesson learnt for the n'th time. Follow the documentation! Step-by-Step  :)