Friday, May 13, 2011

Convert VMWare Server VM Image to a Hyper-V VM Image

Mission: Convert VMWare Server VM Image to a Hyper-V image:
This article assumes some working knowledge of both VMWare & Hyper-V environments. This article was written assuming you do not have access to MS-SCVMM.
1.Shut down the VMWare Server VM & inspect the vmware server virtual machine files.
2.If it is configured with a single VMDK file, proceed to step 5
3. If No Continue
4. Convert the vmware vm using a VMware vCenter Converter to a vmware VM with a single VMDK file. i.e single file for each drive/HDD in the VM OS.
5. Goto starwind website, register & download StarWind V2V Converter and convert the vmware server image to a vhd file. It might be mentioned as a MS virtual PC image, but it works with Hyper-V too.
6. Convert all vmdks to VHD and copy them over to your hyper-v macine.
7. You still have work to do.
8. Create a hyper-v vm with existing vhd file and select the vhd file with C: or root partition as primary.
9. Add a NIC (make sure its in a different VLAN or in a isolated network so that it doesn't affect the primary VM if its in production) & other HDD as secondary HDD
10. Start the hyper-v VM
11. Remove VMWAre tools (This can be done before the VMDK to VHD conversion also)
12. Restart the VM
13. Install Integration services for Hyper-V
14. Restart the VM
15. Change the machine name and rejoin it to the domain if needed
16. DONEEEE!!!! You are ready to go

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