Sunday, April 13, 2008

Move From Gmail To Google Apps

Hi Folks,

I feel many do not know a workaround to move mails and stuff from your gmail account to your google apps account.

I didn’t find any method while searching the net but thought of the following workaround and it worked fine.

1. Close all your mail applications (like Outlook or mobile device) from where you download your mails.

2. Get into your gmail account, goto settings, Forwarding and POP/IMAP and select Enable POP for all mail.

3. Get back to your google apps mail.

4. Enter the Gmail POP settings in your google Apps mail and all the mails and chats will be transferred from your gmail to your google Apps mail. It takes at least 6 hours for 200 odd MB of mail. So you can calculate how long it would take for you’re a/c.

5. Contact list doesn’t seem get transferred so you may have to do it manually by exporting it to excel and back to gppgle apps mail.

This method saves you the trouble of downloading mails to your HDD and uploading it again.

Hope this helps.